Joe Martin and Snatch UK launch!

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Joe Martin and Snatch UK launch!

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Teesside University alumni Joe Martin joined us last night from New York via Google Hangouts to talk about his amazing journey as an entrepreneurs and the brains behind the latest big noise in AR gaming, Snatch!

Joe explained to the Technology and Enterprise Club that it was his passion for psychology and human behaviour and his interest in marketing and brand development that led him to develop the idea of Snatch! as a gaming experience that would appeal to brand managers who wanted to reach  new audiences in new ways. Despite not being a programmer Joe is building a substantial tech company that will increasing fill this business space with new and compelling ideas. He also shared with the club that he has already had approaches from major global tech brands as to their interest in working with him in their area.

With over 40 major brand signed up, a new office in San Francisco and major investors supporting a second round of funding Snatch! and Joe look like they are really on their way!

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