Something new, Ai for the Raspberry Pi!

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Something new, Ai for the Raspberry Pi!

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Technology’s biggest companies are shifting to become artificial intelligence firms. In addition to hiring the world’s top AI talent, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Baidu, have all opened-up parts of their systems to let developers work in the emerging field.

Russell Barnes, head of publishing at Raspberry Pi, tells WIRED it is the first time Google has designed or developed a device for makers and hobbyists. “The Voice HAT brings a microphone to the Raspberry Pi 3, which is one of the few areas it currently lacks support for out-of-the-box,” Barnes explains.

“More than that, though, it brings the ability to integrate natural voice interaction to anything you want to do with a Raspberry Pi.”

Initially, HAT is being launched as a free accessory with the latest edition of The MagPi – the official Raspberry Pi magazine. Costing £5.99, the magazine will ship with the HAT, a stereo microphone, speaker and cables needed. Raspberry Pi says it may release the HAT separately but didn’t elaborate further.



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