What the hell is social Enterpise?

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What the hell is social Enterpise?

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Some people claim that social enterprise is the future of business. That the ability to make a difference as well as the ability to make money will be the defining characteristic of new, successful, high growth businesses.

But can this work? How will consumer behaviour drive this paradigm change? What will a business have to do to be truly social? Can social goals ever be reconciled with the business imperative of creating profit?

Come along to our session to find out ‘What the Hell is a Social Enterprise!’. Discover what the main characteristics of successful social enterprises are. Meet Teesside University students running micro-social enterprises like the Student Food Co-op, Grass Roots…Tuck In and Enactus Teesside and learn how they are overcoming the challenges of creating social change whilst keeping the books balanced!

If social enterprise is the future of business, isn’t it time you found out about it!

Cake and coffee will be served.

See you there,


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